Second Poem in The Ginger Collect

Another poem of mine, “What The Bees Know”, is featured in issue 3 of The Ginger Collect. Have a read, along with other wonderful stories and poems!

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Publication in The Ginger Collect

I’m pleased to announce that a poem of mine entitled “Second Child” is included in issue 3 of The Ginger Collect. Read it here:


You have an odd way of requiring “sir”.

Respect ground out of hurt, your status unearned.

A tremble of doubt, a flame to snuff out

a light like a feather, she’s hushed—all the better.

She’ll beg and she’ll bruise

The chamber you use

to hide all your faults

Your money: her vault.


Photo by Jonas Yip at Jock Sturgess workshop, 2012



It pains me to see you windowed
they can watch–you 
from the safety of their winter air.
Your innards are deadprecious and I wanted:
street lives of perfect strangers
run about at all times-I wanted
to know the arches of your feet as you do mine
and the archive of your shame.