Recipes and How-To’s

Apparently a failure in the self-promotion department, I’ve neglected to make a proper post announcing the availability of my new poetry chapbook, Recipes and How-To’s! Released in November 2017 through Red Flag Poetry, this collection of experimental poetry and abstract artwork may be purchased directly through the publisher:’s_-_Virginia_Petrucci.html

Virginia Petrucci poetry



It pains me to see you windowed
they can watch–you 
from the safety of their winter air.
Your innards are deadprecious and I wanted:
street lives of perfect strangers
run about at all times-I wanted
to know the arches of your feet as you do mine
and the archive of your shame.

Imaginary Zoo (Homesick)


Purple dragons, eyes glazed and

wings left unclipped

form circles in the yard

on a lazy Sunday


Dark blood on the couch

men in hats

were here first


Rocks will say that; pay them no mind

Your fist, breaking an egg in

the kitchen,

only strikes when I shout.