Some sort of solitary freezing. Some perfect in the dark, some fresh anger from the man.

There is a tomorrow I know. Today is an absent friend. It is tremors of pleasure that he seeks. I am through with motion as catalyst. I am inclined to still, supportive only of the rocks who soothe by reaching, reaching for sky and ice without edging on vibrate.

I am for the purpose of still. There is a greatness about the multiples. I am for no purpose but still.

The man often feels like alien. Part shadow, part child, I cannot help but feel that the prize at the end of this rope dangles on the end that I hold. Taught without tugging, an absence presents itself in the middle.

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Lightning Over Ventura

The night begged its own seat in the calendar of seasons. A warmth but a triumph over fire and a confusion over coast.

A frenzy, like lightning it was, like an invitational mystery with a jocular humor. For girls, such skies. Much like the girls I used to be.

The scenes I used to take to and the love drug storms I used to make fall short of this graceful math. This lightning with no wind, this rain with no reason. I am not for such delights. I am not for seeing what is already there.

He times a surprise and I shorten a tantrum. Evolve, is it? And without revolt?

A handicapped breath gives way to a kidnapped cloud; we are not alone, one hopes. I am ever alone, I spoke. My eyes only for ghosts.









Second Poem in The Ginger Collect

Another poem of mine,¬†“What The Bees Know”, is featured in issue 3 of The Ginger Collect. Have a read, along with other wonderful stories and poems!

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Publication in The Ginger Collect

I’m pleased to announce that a poem of mine entitled “Second Child” is included in issue 3 of The Ginger Collect. Read it here:¬†